The NFL Kicking Off

With the NFL kicking off its 2012-2013 season, lots of twists and turns are happening that was never expected before.  With the 2010 Super Bowl champions, the New Orleans Saints at an astonishing last place with a record of 0-3, people have questions such as could this be in a shift in power in the NFL? Possibly because Saints head coach Sean Payton being replaced by Joe Vitt.

Many questions come into the average football fan this season and it all comes down to which team is actually going to end up winning the Super Bowl.  Only tied with the Cleveland Browns at 0-3, the Saints don’t look so good at a winning a Super Bowl title.  Could it be because Saints superstar Drew Brees just signed a $100 million contract for five years and he thinks he could be sitting in rooms full of cash for the next five years instead of playing well on the football field?  We would never know but the question we have to ask ourselves is, who does look good for the Super Bowl title?

Three teams currently at 3-0 and that are looking great this season are the Cardinals, Texans, and the Falcons.  All three teams have made a strong presence but three strong candidates for the trophy this year is the Ravens, Bears, and Cowboys.  These three teams in particular are looking hungry to go all the way and looks like nothing will get in their way to stop them.

We can never forget the underdog teams but who always make a strong appearance in the playoffs, such as the New England Patriots, Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos and we will have to wait and see for Robert Griffin III’s Washington Redskins to make their appearance.  Now that the replacement referees are gone and we have the normal NFL back, teams might be able to show their true talent with fair calls being made.  It’s all up for grabs right now at the beginning of the season but we’ll have to wait and see on who’s going to come out on top with a Super Bowl trophy in their hands.

-Arman Malhotra ’15

Sports Editor