The New and Improved iPhone 5

“It’s revolutionary” Chaminade senior Cody Holmes says in regards to the much anticipated Apple iPhone 5 which was released on September 5, 2012.This was the phone that changed the smartphone game once again. So, what are the main differences between this new phone and the previous iPhone 4s?

Although the design of the phone appears to look very similar to the previous iPhone 4 and 4s, there are features that set it apart. It is significantly thinner, and has an aluminum back which is much harder to break than glass. It is a lot lighter and taller than previous models but the width of the phone has stayed the same. It offers an additional row of visible icons and apps. The charging dock is a different shape compared to every other model of the iPhone/ iPod, which has caused quite an uproar because consumers will need to purchase many new accessories.  Although there is a new adapter, it does not allow all of the features of the phone to work properly, such as the playing of music. The design of headphones is shaped for your ear and has been modeled on for many years now.  Along with the recent change of the headphones, comes a much longer battery life. The 8 megapixel camera is not that much different in quality from the 4s but the new High Definition front camera on the iPhone 5 has superior quality to previous models. The camera has a new panorama feature which allows you to pan across a large scene at a constant pace, to form one large picture.

The updated operating system is called IOS 6. It is much faster than before and everything appears to run a lot more efficiently.

Another nice feature Apple added was Twitter and Facebook into the notification center, making it easy to quickly share your thoughts with the social media world. This is also an option on many of the newly formatted apps.

The new maps app uses its own services rather than Google Maps. It now gives turn by turn directions and offers a new feature called “Flyover” which allows you to look over a city in real time 3D. This works almost perfectly for the most part, but it isn’t really useful to see the tops of buildings when it comes to finding your way around, however it is always a fun feature.

 Siri is greatly improved with the iPhone 5. She now understands commands a lot better and gives much enhanced advice and information to the user. She also works at a very fast rate.

LTE web browsing (the new generation of internet service) is reported to be excellent on this new iPhone. It “easily surpasses that on the 4S” reports The Verge.

There are three microphones on this product, so needless to say, the sound on this product is crystal clear.

The new Iphone offers a reply with text option when you want to refuse a phone call and a “do not disturb” option which lets you set a time window when only specific people can get through to you. whether you need to study undistracted, or just get some sleep without being disturbed, this is the feature for you.

The new app strictly specific to Apple called “Passbook” collects QR codes and information from plane tickets, gift cards, movie tickets and more so they are all right there on your phone, easily accessible.

 With this great innovation, this begs the question: what will Apple think of next?