The Chilling Tale of Chris Dorner

On February 12th, Chris Dorner, a former LAPD officer was found dead inside a burning cabin in Big Bear.

Dorner started out virtually unknown, then rose to notoriety a few years later. Dorner went to Southern Utah University and graduated with a bachelor’s in politics and minor in psychology. Dorner then joined the Navy in 2002 and become a decorated lieutenant in 2006. However, his demise began in 2008, when while training in the Los Angeles Police Academy, he was accused of assaulting his training officer outside a Double Tree Hilton hotel. Following the incident, he was fired from the LAPD and when he was convicted, he swore to get revenge.

He filed a lawsuit against the LAPD in October 2011. Two years had passed since his dishonorable firing, but his vengeance and anger still lived on, causing him to be set off on a killing spree. On Sunday February 3rd, he killed the LAPD captain’s daughter who helped the training officer prove his case and then on Thursday, Dorner killed a police officer in Riverside and wounded two other officers. These officers were harmed because they were protecting a man in Dorner’s manifesto. A manifesto is a public declaration of policy to get one’s motives across to a large amount of people. In this case, Dorner wanted his mission against the LAPD to be publicly declared. A massive manhunt  began where the police blocked the San Diego Freeway and locked down many buildings and towns to find Dorner. Then on Sunday, about a hundred people went door to door in Big Bear to find Dorner. Dorner burned down the cabin he was in and then shot himself.

Thus, the chilling story of Dorner ends, leaving several dead bodies and terrified families in his wake.