The Allure of Our Phones

Throughout the world, there are many examples that validate that phones are an inseparable part of our lives. There are laws prohibiting the use of them while driving, and even while walking which begs the question: What is so appealing about our phones and why do we need to check them constantly?

We are dependent on our cell phones to the extent where they have to be with us at all times. This mentality has also unfortunately extended to the classroom, where it is becoming increasingly difficult for teachers to monitor students. We cannot envision a day without them, let alone our entire lives, and feel sorry for the older generations that did not have these devices. However, those generations survived perfectly fine while managing to stay connected and finding entertainment through other channels, which means that cell phones are not a necessity, although they may seem that way to most teens today.

In today’s culture, we value our phones so highly because they make us feel in touch and connected with the rest of the world, which allows us to feel powerful and knowledgeable. This desire to literally “have the world at our fingertips” has created a type of addiction to our phones. Phones are also another tool to form communities. An example of this is the reaction to the release of the new iPhone 5. People all over the world thronged to Apple retail stores for the product, not necessarily because it is the best phone on the market, but because it allows people to have a shared identity as owners of iPhones. Phones have forged powerful relationships and created strong bonds between people that have contributed in making them so desirable.

As technology is rapidly evolving, phones are becoming thinner and lighter. Their importance, however, is continually growing and their presence is an inescapable part of life in most cultures today.