Talon Declassified Homecoming Survival Guide

Looking for a creative way to ask the girl or guy on your mind, well you have come to the right place!  The Talon staff has put together a Homecoming survival guide using their personal wealth of homecoming knowledge for the purpose of making your life easier in this hectic time! So come on boys and girls it’s show time.  How are you going to woo the woman or man  of your dreams?  Fear not we are here to help!

First thing to know is that homecoming is October 6, 2012.  And for all of you seniors and juniors that means it is the same day as the SAT, so be careful when making hair, makeup and nail appointments!  You definitely want to plan ahead to make sure you don’t get any more frazzled than you will already be.

But now that you know the date of the dance, the next step is getting a date for the dance.  This my friend is the part that takes the most courage.  Boys I am sure you have heard it before but for all you freshman here is my biggest tip: Don’t ask a girl to homecoming over text message or face book.  That is a big no-no!  The easiest way to ask a girl to homecoming is by bringing a bouquet of flowers and getting the gusto to walk up to her and pop the question.  The flowers are a must because as a girl those flowers are the proof and bragging rights you get to carry around all day at school.  That wrapped up bundle of a floral centerpiece sets you apart from other all the other girls and makes you the center of attention.  Trust me gentlemen, those five seconds of fear can l end up as true love.  But if flowers aren’t really your style and you really want to knock this girls socks off try something a little more original and creative.

From past experience on our staff, our editors have been asked through personally made and performed songs to CD’s that had voice recordings of Homecoming offers.  So to conclude this set of helpful hints, I close with a bright idea for you struggling Romeos.   Don’t fret for this update of the Homecoming Survival Guide the idea of the week is “Remote Control Pop the Question Car.”  For this idea all you need is a remote control car and piece of paper.  Make sure you ask the girl’s teacher if it is okay that you interrupt class for five minutes and once you get the okay, you are ready to race!  First tape the “Will you go to Homecoming with me?” question to the top of the car and then send that little sucker over to her desk.  After this happens walk on in with your head held high and wait for your answer.  When she says yes, (of course she will) it’s too cute of an idea not to say yes.  Hand her the bouquet of flowers and be sure to snap a picture or two!