Special Olympics

On Friday April 26th the football field was buzzing with activity from the Los Angeles Unified School District Special Olympics.   Athletes from elementary schools and middle school all over Southern California came to compete on the blue turf of Chaminade High School.  Whether they were running the 100 meter dash or launching balls at the softball throw, everybody was a winner.   The overall hit of the day was the “Be a Star” clubs buttons that were given to all the athletes after their competition.  Athletes felt a sense of pride wearing their buttons saying, “I am the athlete of the day.”

There were herds of Chaminade students dressed in their orange spirit shirts helping out at various stations around the field.  Whether a volunteer was handing out ribbons or helping athletes in the long jump, everyone had a smile on their face.

The LAUSD Special Olympics Education department says that the number one goal out of their entire Olympics is to “provide learning and teamwork through sports competition.”  This motto was exemplified at the Chaminade Special Olympics and was demonstrated by the overwhelming smiles at the finish lines and podium.  In the words of Sam Boncic, sophomore and leader of “Be a Star”, “The Special Olympics was a huge success because of the great amount of volunteers and joy that Chaminade has for helping out their community.”