Smurf Turf

Its big, its blue, it’s the Chaminade College Preparatory High School football field.   The “Deep Blue C” is a staple of the Chaminade High School experience, from the athletics to the academics.  Similar to the Boise State University Smurf Turf, the Chaminade royal blue field radiates school spirit.  From its construction in 2011, the Chaminade Eagles Football Team has excelled on the smurf turf in speed and agility.  Not to mention that when the football games are broadcasted on Fox Sports, the blue turf looks amazing on television.  Last year, the first season with the implementation of the blue field, the Eagles came in second in the mission league with a record of 10 wins and 3 losses.  Only beat out by Serra for Mission League Champion, but still a much better improvement in the standings since previous years.  Does the blue turf bring a special kind of power to the athletes who play on its royal blue plastic grass? The answer lies in the outcome of the athletes’ performance, and so far for the 2012-2013 season the eagles have had some outstanding football games.  With a record of 6 wins and 1 loss the Chaminade Eagles have propelled themselves into the start of a great season.

But the smurf turf is not only for football, it shares its magic with lacrosse, field hockey, soccer and track/field.  All which have had good luck in their seasons since the opening of the field.   Most of the athletic teams move up in standings in the Mission League, and lots of amazing players have been recruited from their performances in the Deep Blue C.