Bittersweet Homecoming


Oct. 25 Homecoming: Chaminade 64, St. Paul 13
Photo by Hayley Bricker ‘14, Campus Life Upper Division Editor

By Hayley Bricker ‘14, Campus Life Upper Division Editor

Homecoming, a time of fun and spirit for the Chaminade family. For seniors, however, this year marks the end of such festivities as a Chaminade student. Seniors are saying goodbye to Homecoming and watched as freshmen, sophomores, and juniors tried to outmatch their feistiness. Of course, seniors are hard to beat, since they took the Spirit Stick at the “World of Fantasy” rally Oct. 22. After three years of working their way up the high school hierarchy, seniors have finally proven themselves the most energized.

“I love the spirit,” said Liz Holland, president of the Film and Photography clubs. “I’m a Chaminade lover at heart, so getting to be really into Chaminade and is something I’ll do any day of the week, and getting to do it for five days in one week is very cool.”

Amid college apps, first semester course work stress, and club obligations, seniors reflected on their  last Homecoming Week Oct. 21-26.

“I really like the sense of spirit that we have and I got to dress up in spirit dress,” said senior Natasha Tandler. She handed out Butterbeer at the Key Club booth during her shift  at the Harry Potter-themed Homecoming Festival Oct. 25.

Lis Carlton, a senior cheerleader, enjoyed all the themed spirit days. “I like Homecoming because the school kind of comes together and we all get to participate in different things that kind of bring us together that we don’t normally do for the rest of the year,” she said.

While the festivities might have been a welcome distraction for some, and a sentimental end to one of high school’s highlights, other seniors felt ambivalent about Homecoming.

“It was really stressful. I had so much work to get done, between last week and this week. Nothing related in particular to Homecoming,” remarked Evan Maltz, an A Team competitor on the Science Bowl Team. The Speech and Debate team member, who also works at CSUN’s biochemistry lab each day after school, felt that Homecoming was only exciting the first time.

This time it interfered with his studies and focus.

“Freshman year, homecoming was a lot more exciting I think,” he said, “It was like, ‘Oh look at all these things, look at all that stuff,’ and then this year, it was like, ‘Oh yeah it’s Homecoming. Well, I got to do all this stuff, that test, this app.’”

“As a freshman, it’s the newest, coolest thing. Now it’s just the fourth in a series of games and dances,” Miss Holland agreed.

While Miss Holland balances a heavy schedule of four APs, film school applications, and various club leadership positions, she still thinks that Homecoming is a way to look at the bright side of the Chaminade experience, and enjoys the quality time she spends with friends.

“I liked the game and loved the dance. I’m going to miss the dance,” she added.

Homecoming for seniors is filled with four years of memories and the bittersweet feeling of an end to high school. While many feel the deadline rush of completing college applications and the weight of heavy course loads interfering with the festivities, Homecoming will remain a cherished memory of their career here.