Senior Sunrise: Shedding Light on a New Year

Rise and shine! The final year of high school for the class of 2013 has officially begun.  On Thursday August 23 the senior class rolled out of bed and arrived in senior parking lot at six o’clock in the morning.  With coffee and bagels being well stocked for these sleepy seniors, the beginning to an exciting year finally began.  All of them gathered in senior lot to share in the experience of watching the sun rise on their final year at Chaminade College Preparatory High school.

A very inspiring experience aside from the fact that the sky was over cast, but it is the thought that counts.  Despite overcast skies, the time together was an inspiring experience.  Senior Sabrina Michael said of the event, “Since my freshman year I have been counting down the months till I was a grade older, just waiting to get to senior year and now that I am here all I want is to slow down time and take it all in.”  With this sense of unity radiating throughout their senior year, their goal will be to become a closer and united class.   “This year I want to see our class with one other and have nobody feel excluded, like one big family,” says Catherine Grimes, a current senior.

To know that the sun has opened up on their senior year and all the new experiences that await them in their future have pushed Seniors to get excited.   With this start the countdown begins to the sun setting on their final year with Graduation slowly approaching.