Our Final Goodbye

Today is the last day of school for the senior class and this week has been a never-ending experience of last moments; the last moment I will recite the pledge with a class, the last time I will here Ms. Poole yell “stop walking!” during prayer, the last rally I will perform in or attend, the last time I will wear a school uniform or spirit dress, and so on and so forth. As I am writing this I want to give you some advice that I wish I had listened to when I was going into high school. Do not be afraid to shine. Do not be held back by putting yourself into a mold, changing yourself in order to fit in to a group, or being self-conscious in class for thinking an idea is stupid. Stand up for yourself when you feel that you are being mistreated. Find a group of friends that will accept you for your shortcomings. Do your best in everything ,if you make a mistake don’t just forget about it but learn from it. High school is a place where you are supposed to find yourself, as many bildungsroman tales tell us, and do not let that opportunity pass you by.

Future Sophomores, work hard but still have fun because this is an in-between year, you aren’t on the college cycle but grades are still important, however so is having fun and making memories. Essentially, it is your last year of freedom from the stresses that come with junior year and first semester senior year. So soak it in. Future Juniors, I am not going to coddle you and tell you that this next year will be easy, it won’t. Everything next year will seem so important, your grades will be the end all be all at the time, you will have multiple sleepless nights, hundreds of cups of something with caffeine, and maybe even some tears from stress but the upside is, it flies by. You will look back on your Junior year and wonder where all the time went, it will be painful but over quickly. Future Seniors, this is your year. On that first day walking into school you will automatically have a confidence boost you have never felt before. You are no longer under any other student’s authority, you are the leaders. Make smart decisions. Your first semester will be a lot like Junior year and between choosing colleges, applying, taking the SAT/ACT, and still having the senior experience you will not have a lot of free time. Second semester no matter what, you will get some form of senioritis whether it ranges from not going to school at all or maybe missing a couple of homework assignments, it is unavoidable. Look around and focus on the moments you get as a senior because as I said earlier it is the beginning of the end of your high school journey. Enjoy the ride!