Letter From the Editor

This last month has been filled with excitement as we have watched Chaminade take over Southern California. Between the girls soccer and basketball team, the three seniors (Alex Fuentes, Mason Nystrom, and Arashdeep Gill) on wrestling, and even the very close boys basketball CIF game, we as a community have been not lacking in very much. The Drama Department has put on a beautifully tragic show Into the Woods that has given a twist to the classic fairytales we had read to us as children. The Middle School campus gathered at the High School to celebrate our Founders, this year awarding teachers Mr. Bernie Chin and Mr. Michael Hart for their dedicated service to Chaminade and their students. The new Associated Student Body for the 2013-2014 year has been chosen and only a day ago the entire school, not including seniors, went through elections of their future class officers. As of March 15, or the Ides of March to those who have read Julius Caesar, seniors only have 78 days, including weekends, until that much anticipated date of Graduation on June 1st. The Talon staff has put together a March edition that, we hope, will immerse you in pleasant remembrances of all the things that have gone on in the near past.  I do not want to get to sentimental at the moment about my last couple weeks at Chaminade but I look around me and am continually reminded of how blessed we are as a Chaminade family. As the temperature increases, reminding us of the very close but yet far summer break, we enter these last two months as seniors, as juniors, as sophomores, and as freshman and my advice to you is to stop, take a deep breath, look around you, and soak it all in. Everything you love about school, everything you may hate about it, look at your teachers and classmates, feel the sun or the wind caress your skin, and remember what you feel at that moment. Time moves by quickly, don’t take it for granted.