Junior Ring Ceremony

On March 3rd, the Class of 2014 joined together in the Bob Hope Center to receive their Junior Rings. This year’s ceremony was hosted by the Class of 2015 and was titled “Spread your Wings.” The Sophomore class generously bought the Junior’s simple bands that had their class year on the ring.  The Ceremony opened up with Kimberly Alli ’14 who was the Freshman Class President back in 2010. Kimberly talked about our year as freshman and how much has changed since then.  She spoke about our progression from frightened freshman worrying about who our friends would be to becoming confident upperclassmen. Afterwards, our current class president Christian Ramos’14 came up and made a speech of his own. Christian talked about how the Junior class is filled with talented and gifted people. We have amazing musicians, artists, singers, athletes, debaters, cheerleaders, engineers and many more. Christian said “We are Ready” for the new experiences that senior year has in store for the class of 2014. Afterwards Emily Larsen’14 and Julia Robie’14 performed Home by Phillip Phillips, stating that Chaminade is our home from the beginning to the end. Shortly after our principle, Brother Tom, came up to say a few words, talking about how the eagle and ring are one and what the ring actually represents. Next, all the Junior Rings were blessed by Father Jim and Brother Bercerra. Andrew Gove’13 the ASB President came up to say a couple words about our futures as Seniors, mainly the part of how first Semester is absolutely horrifying because you have college apps, SAT’s, and ACT’s.  The ceremony ended with a slideshow of pictures from our freshman year to this year, oh how things have changed since then. Emily Larsen’14 and Julia Robie’14 came back up to sing It’s Time by Imagine Dragons. The Junior class are finally upperclassmen and are ready to take their place as Seniors, who are ready to spread their wings to bigger and better heights like never before.