Heel Hop Workout

While women, including dancers, have worn high heels for a very long time, learning to survive and thrive in this sexy but often dangerous footwear has generally been something individuals learn on their own.

Now, dance classes, such as professional dancer Kamilah Barrett’s “Heel Hop”, cater to women who need to work in tall shoes.  This class in particular works to give women better balance and more confidence in high heels, as well as provide exercise, fun, and a new skill to take home.  High heels have been proven to damage the joints in the wearer’s feet, ankles, and knees even when women aren’t falling out of their shoes.  However, high heels aren’t going away from the fashion scene and since women are going to wear the shoes anyway, they might as well prevent more damage by learning not to fall out of their shoes as well as get the exercise they need- being overweight puts extra strain on the same joints as high heels as well as a host of other health complications.

Being confident, strong, and having fun also have the added benefit of keeping one healthy.  Overall, it seems the benefits of dance classes in heels outweigh the potential harm.