Tantalizingly Grim

By Natalie Koe ’14, Performing Arts Editor

Senior Chloe Martin (in white) surrounded by her scary storytellers in her "Grim" and fantastical Homecoming tale. Photo by Natalie Koe.

Senior Chloe Martin (in white) surrounded by scary storytellers in her “Grim” Homecoming halftime adventure. Oct. 25 photo provided by Student Council class historians.

In between touchdowns, field goals, and “I believe!” chants, the dance team took the field in a true spectacle of a homecoming halftime show. The dance told the story of young, innocent Chloe Martin (’14) and her endeavors in the dark, magical world of fellow seniors Brigid Larkin and Emily Marinoff, and junior Jenny Keenan.

The dance began with Miss Martin in a pure white dress and pigtails sitting at the front of the stage reading Grim, a book with a self-explanatory title about the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. The small skeleton attached to the front of the book set the scene for terror. As Misses Larkin, Marinoff, and Keenan took the stage accompanied by the rest of the dancers dressed as various characters to emphasize the “World of Fantasy” homecoming theme. Although the dancers faced a few sound glitches, they were relentless in continuing with a captivating performance, one which did not disappoint. They embodied the spirit of the week, and it was a perfect transition into the homecoming dance.