Freshman Retreat

As the day began at 8:00 am sharp, the countless number of freshman students funneled into the gym. The usual colors of the uniform were forgotten as the students emerged in bright, lively free dress attire. Loud upbeat music provided by Mr. Melendrez bounced off the walls as the freshmen were greeted by their upperclassmen retreat leaders clad in spirit dress. The theme of the retreat was clear: superheroes. Images of well-known action heroes were dispersed all throughout the gymnasium. The students marveled at each image and were asked to name what made each hero great. Comments like, “He’s fast!” “She never gives up!” or “He’s strong!” were the common responses.

They then realized that they too possess the heroes’ very same traits.  This sparked the question: “How can we all incorporate our own superhero characteristics into our everyday lives?” Similar discussions also happened throughout the course of the day in each small group, about ten freshmen to one or two retreat leaders. The day ended with each retreat member leaving with a rubber bracelet that read: “Chaminade Everyday Superhero”.

When asked what her overall opinion of the retreat, current freshman Nikki Zuk exclaims, “The retreat was really fun because I met and got closer with a lot of people in my class.”  Retreat leader and current sophomore, Dan Savo states, “Leading this year’s freshman retreat was great and I loved meeting all of the fun and energetic students.”