Fun, Friends, Family, Football

Story and photos by Abraham Chorbajian ’16, Campus Life Lower Division Editor

The one thing that really makes our football games special – the fans. Add a “you” to fans and you’ll have the No. 1 ingredient that 9th- and 10th-graders go to games for. “Come here to hang out with my friends and support Chaminade,” said sophomore Rhey Gill. “Other kids do the same. Fun games and yeah.” Tenth-grader Parsia Vazirnia agrees. “I come to games cause it is really fun. Just spending time with my friends and supporting my school.” Find these fun and funny fans at the Nest. Or see them crowd around on the track off the field just to hang out, talk to their friends, and some even watch the game with family. Chaminade’s a community built on friendships and family. Coming to these games makes people feel at home. At the games, students will always bump into someone they know, say hello and get something to eat and drink. Homecoming is one of the best memories any student will have here.


Homecoming Game Oct. 25 (left to right) sophomores Maggie Beyeler, Aiden Khan, Kelsey Molle, Connor Pieczynski, Reed Rohlfing, Ella Desantis, JJ Sasani, Parsia Vazirnia, freshman Jackson Parks, and sophomores Lora Bulut and Kayla Weerasooriy hanging out with fellow fans.


Off the field and on the track at the game (left to right) freshmen and sophomores Christopher Voskericyan, David Haag, Delany Burks, Jacob Manown, Jo Morley, Belle Dinh, Keanu Balani, and Alex Ramos, having fun.