Eagles Grasp the Championship!

     The sports seasons for Chaminade, both fall and winter, has been an adrenaline-charged experience for the players and for their respective followers. Many of the teams like boys and girls basketball, along with girls soccer, have made Chaminade history, and they are not alone but rather joined with three hardworking individuals; Alex Fuentes, Arashdeep Gill, and Mason Nystrom. All three seniors have come a long way since their Middle School years on the Chaminade wrestling team and the blood, sweat, and tears has paid off.  Throughout this year they have been competing at various tournaments. At CIF, Nystrom took first in the 138 pound weight class, Fuentes second in the 152 pound weight class, and Gill first in the 160 pound. Next, the state qualifier where Gill took sixth, Mason seventh and Fuentes eighth, also qualifying them for the state tournament.  California has the toughest state meet in the country where only one person out of the state wins whereas other states have multiple divisions, and in this tournament Alex Fuentes placed in the top sixteen. Coach Dan Peiffer proudly acknowledged, “We shocked a lot of people this year taking 3 to states, the large programs in the southern section (100-150 high school kids on the team) barely sent this many, we had 15 on the entire high school team this year. We were the only team in a 50 mile radius to send 3 wrestlers, historic. We were one of 10 teams out of 400 in the southern section to send more than 2.”

     “Its special to share my accomplishments with two of my best friends,” smiled Fuentes when asked about what this year has meant to him. Mason concurred and added that, “it isn’t only the end of our wrestling season but the end of our wrestling career in general and the amount of time and effort we have put into this has just been incredible. To have our dreams realized and compete in the state tournament is unbelievable. Personally it is a signifier of all the effort and hard work we have put in. It is awesome seeing [all of it] pay off.”

Ms. Julie Labelle, Student Activities Director, exclaimed, “they represented Chaminade well in character, strength, perseverance, and attitude, also making them all around great guys. We couldn’t be more proud of them.”  Least to say the Chaminade wrestling team took Southern California by storm and not only ended the season in a bang but also their last year in ‘Peiffer’s Pit.’