Deal with it

Alex Avanessian. Photo provided by Miss Avanessian.

Alex Avanessian ’17. Photo by Talon Contributor Judy Yang ’17.

By Talon Contributor Judy Yang ’17

It’s hard enough to deal with academic pressures, parent and teacher expectations. Then there’s those relationship issues with classmates, club members, team members and maybe that special someone.

“I would rate the stress from our school as a 10 out of 10,” admitted Hailey Clemens ’17, who says she gets about six hours of sleep a day. “Math is the most challenging subject. I barely have time to hang out with my friends during weekends due to school work.” Fellow sophomore Jeremy Otchis, who gets about seven hours of sleep a day, rates the stress level at a nine out of 10. The cross country athlete also is involved in Lord’s Chords, the West Hills liturgical choir, and also finds mathematics his most challenging subject.

Sleep-deprived sophomore Erin Fabian agreed. “I get four-five hours of sleep every night due to school work,” the volleyball athlete said. “I think school is stressful on the scale of up to eight out of 10. To tell the truth, I don’t really have time to be with my friends on the weekends, but I do hang out with them.” Colette Mendoza ’17, who gets the same amount of sleep, is somewhat stressed about grades, except for one class.  “I love preparing for Spanish exams and quizzes because it is fun for me,” Miss Mendoza said.

Christian Puente-Oritiz in one of his classrooms. Photo taken by ??????

Christian Puente-Oritiz ’17 in one of his classrooms. The Drama and Key clubs member, who takes an Advanced Placement class, says he gets six hours of sleep. He rates his stress at 9 out of 10. Photo by Judy Yang ’17.

“I’m very rebellious,” the California Scholastic Federation member added. “I hang out with my friends on weekends even though I don’t have time for it.”

But it seems that hardworking sophomores are dealing with the stress and appreciate all that’s available to them academically and socially.

Girl Scout and girls lacrosse team manager Allie Bobbit ’17 takes it all in stride rating stress at only a five because she gets plenty of sleep, at least eight hours. “I don’t overwork myself. I don’t stress myself out,” the varsity golf player advised. “I hang out with my friends on Fridays or Sundays. I stay active in clubs like Student Council, Eagle Business, My Name My Story.”

Basketball player Alexia Avanessian ’17 says she gets enough sleep, but hates preparing for tests and quizzes, especially in English classes. “I love to learn (lessons) that involve exploding things,” she said adding that she’s also in a fine arts club. “I usually feel accomplished in my school work if I understand the lesson.” Christian Puente-Ortiz ’17 also hates tests. “I think Chaminade offers challenging school work, especially in AP World History,” the Key Club member said, adding he only has time to be with friends on Saturdays.  “I am interested in science and I love to help people and I appreciate Chaminade’s diversity in clubs.”

Miss Clemens is involved in CSF, Key Club, Chaminade Ambassadors and also tutors, babysits and is going through Confirmation classes preparing to be confirmed in the Catholic Church, as is Miss Fabian. Miss Clemens also enjoys AP World History, especially the quizzes, but wants to go into pre-med as an undergrad so she can study to become a doctor. She loves her Spanish classes too and sometimes tutors others, as does Miss Mendoza.

Although she finds her English literature classes difficult, Elle Rama ’17, seems to be the only person interviewed by The Talon for this article to not dislike mathematics. “I love to learn about math,” the Drama Club actress said. Miss Rama also is involved in My Name My Story and Key Club as well as other aspects of acting, including as a makeup artist and production assistant.

The consensus seems to be that most students are overbooked, with activities filling almost every hour of every day. However, no one seems to mind. “I appreciate that there are lots of clubs in Chaminade,” Miss Fabian added.