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Homecoming: Frosh/Soph Edition

By Talon Contributors Judy Yang ’17 and Bijan Avaz ’17 First Time for Everything In a year of firsts, freshmen and women not only marveled at homecoming festivities Sept. 22-26, international students relished going to a first dance. “I am from China and I came to America this year so this […]

Nade’s Excellent Summer Adventure

By Shreya Yepuri ’15, Editor-in-Chief Chaminade’s no Snobinade, as seen in its Center for Excellence summer program. “Chaminade’s not just an ivory tower that closes its gates to the community,” center director Mrs. Kelley Stone told The Talon. “We’re trying to offer programs that help support the mission of the […]

First National Speech Champ

By Talon Contributor Head Coach Bobby Lebeda, ‘Nade Speech & Debate Society Michael Everett ’15 became Chaminade’s first-ever national champion speech maker, picking up first place against 450 competitors June 19 in Overland, Kan., in the category of impromptu speaking. About 7,000 students from across the United States competed in […]

Not stylin’ Not shavin’

By Eleanor Frost ’15, Student News Editor Although you may be surprised that 80 percent of Chaminade students surveyed on the West Hills campus like our school uniforms, about 74 percent believe uniforms restrict their individual style while allowing room for religious expression. An overwhelming 92 percent of students surveyed in […]

You want more? Seniors rate cafeteria 1

By Talon Contributor Sarah Garcia ’15 The clock strikes 12:50 p.m. and anticipation grows as the wait comes to a close. Every upper division student prepares for what’s coming, the final seconds to end our stomach grumbling. Every item’s packed up and conversation ceases as each student awaits the start […]

Dorm Kit Drive

    Collection benefited about 40 United Friends of the Children college-bound young adult 18-years-and-older foster students. All Religion Department classes donated items by the May 9 deadline for this Apostolic Works. Photos provided by Mr. Tommy Smeltzer, program director of Eagle Engineering