Daily Archives: March 18, 2013

Letter From the Editor

This last month has been filled with excitement as we have watched Chaminade take over Southern California. Between the girls soccer and basketball team, the three seniors (Alex Fuentes, Mason Nystrom, and Arashdeep Gill) on wrestling, and even the very close boys basketball CIF game, we as a community have […]

Junior Ring Ceremony

On March 3rd, the Class of 2014 joined together in the Bob Hope Center to receive their Junior Rings. This year’s ceremony was hosted by the Class of 2015 and was titled “Spread your Wings.” The Sophomore class generously bought the Junior’s simple bands that had their class year on […]

Transitional Months

It’s that time of year again!  Those awkward transitional months between summer and winter.  As we go on in the year, the mental states of students may start to deteriorate. There are several reasons for this deterioration. First, it is after a long break with no homework and no worries.  […]

Heel Hop Workout

While women, including dancers, have worn high heels for a very long time, learning to survive and thrive in this sexy but often dangerous footwear has generally been something individuals learn on their own. Now, dance classes, such as professional dancer Kamilah Barrett’s “Heel Hop”, cater to women who need […]

Dr. Jerry Buss- A Lasting Legacy

On February 18, 2013, the sports world lost what many consider to be the greatest owner of all time in Dr. Jerry Buss. Aside from the 10 championships and 16 NBA Finals appearances under Dr. Buss’s tenure, this great man has meant much more to the Lakers organization and ultimately, […]