Daily Archives: October 10, 2012

A Fun Book vs. A Long Novel?

I love to read popular novels like “The Hunger Games” and consider myself an avid reader.  But I have been on page 25 of the classic “Last of the Mohicans” for two years.   All in all, I spend many hours reading for fun and doing my required reading for school.  […]

Fall Club Day

It’s that time of year again!  The leaves are changing and students have settled back into their everyday school lives.  Just as every school year brings new students and trends, it brings back Fall Club Day.  This year there was quite a crowd as all the clubs set up their […]

Freshman Retreat

As the day began at 8:00 am sharp, the countless number of freshman students funneled into the gym. The usual colors of the uniform were forgotten as the students emerged in bright, lively free dress attire. Loud upbeat music provided by Mr. Melendrez bounced off the walls as the freshmen […]