Color in a World of Black and White

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” said one of the most influential and inspiring fashion designers of the world, Coco Chanel. This may be a strongly opinionated statement, but who can argue with an iconic French fashionista? I believe that in order to stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression, taking risks in fashion is truly a necessity.

Whether it’s wearing a statement dress or racking up the arm candy, expressing yourself through fabrics and patterns can help voice your true colors to the world. While going for a casual and comfy look on lazy days is always cute, trying something bold can help attract positive attention, automatically giving people the impression that you are a fearless and confident person.

To reflect on my history with fashion, I can honestly say that every experimental outfit (the horrific and the successful) have all been key in helping me discover and build on my own personal fashion palette. Take the times in sixth grade where I wore turquoise tights and neon yellow cardigans to school to the very embarrassing day I tied bright shoe laces around my arms as bracelets and drowned myself in peace sign clothes as I strutted around Target. Although I often pranced around looking like a walking fruit, I don’t and never will regret any of these outfits. Fashion has helped me express my personality and evolve into the creative individual I am today.

Although fashionistas must remain aware of their boundaries, (because we all hope we don’t see a 60 year old woman dancing around in a hot-pink mini skirt) as long as you balance the extremes and accentuate the parts of your body you are most confident with, standing out in the crowd can be easy and simple and won’t leave you fidgeting with your clothes all day long. Experimenting with fashion and making daring choices for a day can help you strengthen your inner confidence and originate habits of trying new things or taking the unexpected path. Being adventurous fashion-wise gives life the spice and spark it needs to keep things fresh.

I might be the only person at Chaminade who doesn’t own a pair of vans shoes and a JanSport backpack, but wearing combat boots, bracelets, and bows helps me express myself and gives me the chance to tailor my uniform with creativity. After all, isn’t it always more fun to provoke a room of double-takes than to just blend in with the crowd?