College Countdown

College season has officially begun!  This time will bring many new and exciting experiences for the juniors and seniors.  With the official start under way the counselors have planned many events to give students an abundance of information.

The first information session was the Senior College Meeting on January 11 in the Tutor Center Theater, where Chaminade alumni sat in a panel to answer any college questions from the students.  The alumni ranged from freshman to graduates and were ready for subjects on any topic.  They answered multiple questions on course selections, final decisions, transferring and the always popular, roommate horror stories. Student, Tara Leahy, described the meeting as, “An insightful look into what college life is really like from people who have actually lived it.”  Juniors should definitely look forward to this meeting next year, as it makes college seem like a reality instead of a fantasy.

Speaking of juniors and college seasons, the madness is already in full swing.  On January 15, junior class families piled into the Bob Hope Center to learn about their impending college searches.

After a USC representative discussed the trials and tribulations of this extensive pursuit, the administrators kicked off what is sometimes considered the “most difficult semester of high school” by raffling off prizes to different students in the junior class. These included hours of SAT preparation by companies like Launch, Princeton Review, Revolution, and many others.

The three college counselors, Ms. Cowgill, Ms. Cuneo and Mr. Fuller, then led their respective sections to different campus buildings. Delving deeper into the specifics of testing, visitation and application, they provided more comprehensive views of the entire process. This informative session helped lay a foundation for the rigorous journey that lies ahead for all 11th graders.

Beginning and ending the college search can be an extensive process, so the Talon and counselors remind students to work hard but also enjoy this college season!