Chaminade vs. Notre Dame Recap

The Chaminade Eagles took on the Notre Dame Knights on Friday, September 28th at Notre Dame High School.  Within the first minutes of the game, Chaminade scored its first touchdown followed by sophomore kicker, Ben Kreitenberg, topping it off to make a 7-0 lead.  The rest of the quarter went scoreless until 1:30 remaining in the first quarter, when Notre Dame running back, #29 Muhammad Khalfani,  tied the game at 7-7.

Great plays were made by Eagles quarterback, Brad Kaaya, to Donovan Lee and Terrell Newby.

Terrell Newby is on the Top 25 Running Backs and has scored a total of 13 touchdowns this season.  Scoring a total of 4 touchdowns against Notre Dame, and with 3 touchdowns in just the first half, he led the Eagles to their win.  Newby got Chaminade to 21 points before the end of the 2nd quarter but Notre Dame scored with just one minute left in the 2nd, although missing the PAT by hitting the left pole of the post.

In the second half, the Knights kept coming back when it looked like all hope was lost for them, bringing it back constantly to a one touchdown difference.  At 6:00 remaining in the third quarter, Newby ran down from the 65 yd line all the way to get a touchdown for Chaminade, making it 35-20.  Keeping the game really edge-of-seat intense, Notre Dame made it 27-35 with just 3 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter. Even though the Knights came back, Chaminade took the game at the end with the score of 35-27.

Chaminade students were cheering for their team because this win makes it their third win in a row against Notre Dame over three seasons.  The rivalry will always stand but, for now  and in  recent past years, Chaminade dominates on the football field.

Next up for Chaminade(4-1) is their Homecoming game on October 5th, at home against Serra High School.  The Eagles will try and defend their blue turf against the number one ranked Serra.  For Notre Dame(3-2), they will be playing Bishop Alemany.

-Arman Malhotra ’15

Sports Editor