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Tutor Family Center for the Performing Arts flyer

Tutor Family Center for the Performing Arts flyer

By Alex Stern ’14, Managing Editor

After its two-weekend run, the Chaminade Players‘ performance of The Spitfire Grill left audiences and cast members hungry for more.

Not the typical jazz hand-filled big band musical, its powerful message made an impression on both audience members and performers.

“Working on the show was such a fantastic experience,” said senior Gabriella Certo, who played feisty ex-convict Percy Talbott.

“This was a show that challenged us and allowed us to grow as actors,” she added.

Junior and ensemble cast member Hannah Ponturo, agreed.

“Being part of this cast and crew was such an amazing experience,” the head of hair and makeup added. This truly was a piece that exemplified the passion within all its participants.”

This production, albeit dark, is a poignant tale about a hardened woman rediscovering herself through friendship and fierce loyalty. As word spread about the show’s touching message, the size of each audience grew until the final sold-out performance.

“This was the hardest character I’ve played so far,” Miss Certo said of her lead role.

Even though the fall musical has come to a close, audiences should stay tuned for the Chaminade Players‘ spring musical, Pippin. This show, also a story of self-discovery, incorporates more classical elements of musical theater with an acrobatic and aerial twist.

For now we can tide ourselves over by indulging in some non-Thanksgiving leftovers – our memories of The Spitfire Grill.