Our Final Goodbye

Today is the last day of school for the senior class and this week has been a never-ending experience of last moments; the last moment I will recite the pledge with a class, the last time I will here Ms. Poole yell “stop walking!” during prayer, the last rally I […]

Advice from a College Freshman

Greetings from college, Chaminadians! There are a few things that I think a high school senior should know. They are as follows: Firstly, since I know these are coming up: make sure you take your AP exams seriously (or at least the ones you know you’ll be able to get […]

Habemus Papam: Election of Pope Francis I

Illustrated by the cover story of TIME magazine, hundreds of cardinals adorned with traditional red garb gathered in the square of Vatican City, partaking in the parade before entering the Sistine Chapel to make a decision which would affect the 1.2 billion Catholics in the world: choosing a new pope.  […]

TV Influences Real World

20 children, 7 adults, and 1 horribly disturbed teenager.  These were the casualties of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, the most devastating shooting in American history.  Just weeks later, there was another shooting at Taft High School, but thankfully, only one was wounded as teachers talked the […]

Violence on TV is Not to Blame

In the light of recent acts of violence, many have hypothesized that the brutality in television and Video Games is at fault. That being said vulgarity should be left out of those mediums. However, a simple look at this issue can provide a real answer for why the rate of […]

Verbifying Words

In today’s world where new devices and concepts are introduced to us constantly, it may seem relaxing to slip casually into our customary grammatical shortcuts. This is perfectly all right if everyone at least remembers not to create words that an individual understands but others would not. There are a […]

Letter From the Editor

This last month has been filled with excitement as we have watched Chaminade take over Southern California. Between the girls soccer and basketball team, the three seniors (Alex Fuentes, Mason Nystrom, and Arashdeep Gill) on wrestling, and even the very close boys basketball CIF game, we as a community have […]

Transitional Months

It’s that time of year again!  Those awkward transitional months between summer and winter.  As we go on in the year, the mental states of students may start to deteriorate. There are several reasons for this deterioration. First, it is after a long break with no homework and no worries.  […]

Heel Hop Workout

While women, including dancers, have worn high heels for a very long time, learning to survive and thrive in this sexy but often dangerous footwear has generally been something individuals learn on their own. Now, dance classes, such as professional dancer Kamilah Barrett’s “Heel Hop”, cater to women who need […]