Student News

New School, New Country

By Talon Contributor Ryan Lim ’17 Chaminade welcomed about three dozen international students, most from China, in grades 8-11 for the 2013-14 school year, with the change affecting classmates and teachers positively. “I’m amazed at how these kids navigate in three languages in my classes: their home language, the English […]

Bass Drummer’s Accident

By Eleanor Frost ’15, Student News Editor Freshman bass drummer Hayden Weiss, who’s been playing drums five years before attending Chaminade’s West Hills campus, severely injured his left hand at a Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association competition Nov. 14, 2013, in Valencia, Calif. The Eagle Regiment drum line […]

Debate Duo Third

By Eleanor Frost ’15, Student News Editor Amit Dodani and debate partner Amy Philip placed third in the California State University Fullerton college invitational tournament, competing in the varsity division of Public Forum. “The Fullerton Tournament was definitely one to remember,” the junior said. “It was Amy’s and my first […]

Dodger Angel

Junior Ali Angel shows she’s true blue during Fantasy Team Dress-up Day during the Homecoming Week festivities. She’s Major League Baseball Los Angeles Dodgers blue this day, but as a child she wore a baby pink Dodger outfit and wasn’t out of place, since her whole family bleeds National League […]