Beauty Shouldn’t be Painful

High heels, constricting neckties, heavy earrings, and waist-cinching belts are all pieces of clothing that can cause permanent health damage. We have all heard the saying, “pain is beauty”, which is definitely not an understatement when it comes to some of the outrageous pieces of ensembles that I witness people wearing. So, how far will women and even some men go to make their marks in fashion, and is it even worth it?

Kinesiology (the study of human movement) researchers from Iowa State University have found that wearing high heels, anything above as little as 2 inches, can contribute to joint degeneration and osteoarthritis of the knee. Dr. Alexandra K. Schnee from the DFW Spine and Joint Center states, “As the angle of heels gets higher, the more stain is placed on the inner aspect of the joint which can lead to degeneration of the joint.” Also, men or women wearing tight neckties and shirts with constricting collars can impede blood flow through neck veins and arteries, and may even affect vision. The weight of too heavy earrings can tear through ear lobes and waist-cinching belts can compress delicate nerves in the abdomen or constrain breathing and deprive heart and brain of needed oxygen. I cannot imagine any piece of an outfit to be worth these risks.

Personally, I cannot comprehend how some individuals can go through the day writhing in pain from their outfit choices. My motto when picking out something to wear is, “If it itches ditch it.” Nobody should ever sacrifice comfort for looks.  I find that if you are uncomfortable in the clothes you are in; it seems to have a negative influence on one’s mood. Remember, genuine beauty should never bring pain!