Bass Drummer’s Accident

By Eleanor Frost ’15, Student News Editor

Freshman bass drummer Hayden Weiss, who’s been playing drums five years before attending Chaminade’s West Hills campus, severely injured his left hand at a Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association competition Nov. 14, 2013, in Valencia, Calif.

The Eagle Regiment drum line member pushed a switch for a hydraulic lift for loading and unloading the band’s larger instruments including the xylophone. The drummer had operated the lift at least once before the accident. The Bass drum player, who declines to comment but confirmed what occurred in an interview on Dec. 1, 2013, did not pay attention to the placement of his left hand as the metal lift was rising and locking into place. He injured several fingers so badly that he was airlifted to UCLA Hospital Medical Center for a seven-hour surgery.

It wasn’t immediately clear when he would return to playing Bass Three drum. Please keep him in your prayers. The day after his injury, Mrs. Ellen Celaya, assistant to the president of our board of directors, notified the Chaminade family of the accident along with this Scripture from Isaiah 40: 1, “‘Comfort my people,’ says our God. ‘Comfort them!’”