Back To School Dance!

Houston we have a party! On the first Friday of the school year Chaminade’s own Student Council hosted the traditional back to school dance BBQ in the gymnasium. This year’s students arrived in bright neon colors hoping to live up to the dance’s theme of outer space. With the DJ’s music booming throughout the gym, every corner of the dance floor radiated with a feeling of fun and enjoyment, officially marking the start of a new school.

With this year’s heat wave coinciding with the beginning of the school year, the gym seemed to be the most appropriate location for this year’s dance. The air conditioning kept it tolerable all night as students sang and danced to the DJ’s music. However, similar to previous years, other activities were available outside of the dance floor. Some students enjoyed the laser tag arena while others just danced to their favorite song with the available Wii console. The game truck included many other consoles, allowing both students and teachers to take part in the fun.

Most students that night were drawn to the green screen photo booth located at the very end of the parking lot. Students were transported to outer space as the background transformed into an image of the sky. Many students took advantage of this feature by posing and laughing with friends.

Whether it was dancing, playing Wii, or taking pictures, the BBQ gave students a chance to enjoy time with friends. “The back to school dance was a success in that many people came to the dance and most of them had a lot of fun,” says Andrew Gove, ASB president. “I think the dance had lots to offer even if you don’t enjoy dancing, and I’m glad so many students took advantage of that.”