Sarah Wong

Serving a Greater Purpose

The noise quietly erupts from the stands as a small group of students with soccer balls painted on their faces cheer as the Chaminade girls’ varsity team nearly makes a shot this past Wednesday against rival Flintridge Sacred Heart.  Gathering a small group of incredibly-dedicated students, Key Club hosted their […]

Student Spotlight: Breeana Kovelman

Chaminade students diversify campus life with their varying passions and experiences particular junior, Breeana Kovelman, not only places emphasis on her vigorous studies but also on her passions: aviation and filmmaking.  Studying to become licensed as a helicopter pilot at the mere age of seventeen, Breeana demonstrates tenacity as well […]

Plagiarism: Defining a Dangerous Culture

The pursuit to excel in any particular subject, in both the professional world and in high school, often calls for some unethical measures to reach certain means. Yet does the end justify the means when such immoral means such as plagiarism is involved? The lack of confidence a writer may have […]