Arman Malhotra

The NFL Kicking Off

With the NFL kicking off its 2012-2013 season, lots of twists and turns are happening that was never expected before.  With the 2010 Super Bowl champions, the New Orleans Saints at an astonishing last place with a record of 0-3, people have questions such as could this be in a […]

Chaminade vs. Serra Recap

On September 28th, the Chaminade Eagles took on the Serra Cavaliers with a burning fire for victory after years of losing to this powerhouse team. The Eagles had lost to the Cavaliers 35-29 in 2011 and 35-29 in 2010.  This game was to be a signal demonstration of the Eagles […]

Chaminade vs. Notre Dame Recap

The Chaminade Eagles took on the Notre Dame Knights on Friday, September 28th at Notre Dame High School.  Within the first minutes of the game, Chaminade scored its first touchdown followed by sophomore kicker, Ben Kreitenberg, topping it off to make a 7-0 lead.  The rest of the quarter went […]