Advice from a College Freshman

Greetings from college, Chaminadians! There are a few things that I think a high school senior should know. They are as follows:

Firstly, since I know these are coming up: make sure you take your AP exams seriously (or at least the ones you know you’ll be able to get college credit from). Many of my friends here did not try and had to retake classes, which is an annoyance when there are so many other awesome classes to take. At the same time, don’t stress over material you don’t fully understand; you will have the option of seeing the material again in the following four years.

Have fun this summer! Enjoy the break and also take some time to look at your college. Start thinking of majors and maybe look at some requirements. You should definitely be relaxing, but at the same time you should be acquainted with the academic part of your college.

So now you’re in college! At first I definitely thought it was pretty overwhelming. I think you should definitely get comfortable with the idea that your roommate and the rest of the people in your dorm are probably not going to be anything like you. Mutual respect and considerateness is required. Also–diversity’s awesome! You will probably also start thinking that there are some very interesting people in the world.

For example, there is a boy in my dorm who really doesn’t have a sleep schedule. He’s nocturnal for the most part, and when he’s tired he takes a couple catnaps during the daytime. This quarter when I asked him when he sleeps, he answered “Thursdays.” Being a person who cannot function with less than eight hours of sleep, this seems unbelievable and unthinkable.

That example brings me to my next point. Don’t get on a weird sleep schedule that your body can’t handle. Since I am a person who needs eight hours of sleep, I usually have to get to bed by midnight on weekdays. If you didn’t notice during your junior year, sleep definitely affects your thinking, productivity and happiness.

For your first quarter or semester, don’t pile on too much. Don’t join ten clubs like you did in high school and don’t take the maximum number of units. If your experience is going to be anything like mine, you’ll want to spend a lot of time socializing and getting to know your class.

Also, make sure you get into good study habits. I lost a lot of mine senior year (sorry, Mr. Chin) and spent the first couple of weeks getting into a rhythm. My rhythm is the opposite of what it was in high school. At Chaminade, you’re in school for about eight hours a day and study less in the evening. In college, I have three hours or less of class every day but am expected to study and work on my own a lot more.

And that’s it! I know you all will be sad to leave Chaminade but you should also be so excited. I absolutely adore my college and I hope you do too.



Caroline Frost, Talon Editor and Chief ‘12

Stanford University ’16