Chaminade Football CIF Championship

The CIF SS-Western Division Championship was underway on Friday, November 30.  The two teams were the Chaminade Eagles and Serra Cavaliers.  The harsh rivalry between the two teams was brought back after the exciting win during the regular season of Chaminade beating Serra 28-20.

The intense CIF Championship game was a widely anticipated game for both schools.  However, this time, it was an away game for the Eagles.  With Chaminade bringing rooter buses of over 100 students to support their team, Chaminade had their own “Eagles Nest” to cheer them on to take rival, the Serra Cavs.  Playing on a muddy, grass field after a rainy day is something new to the Eagles, with their brand new, blue and orange turf football field.

The game started slowly with both teams being tied, 14-14 at the end of the first half with Senior running back, Terrell Newby, leading the way.  Chaminade looked as if they only had a running game. Despite Serra’s defense popping off Newby’s helmet on multiple occasions, the Eagles would constantly give the ball to Newby to carry them through the game.

As the second half came along, Chaminade tuned it up with their gameplay, scored a touchdown in the third quarter, and held Serra to only one field goal.  Both teams put everything they had out on that field and reached 21-30, Serra lead, in the last minutes of the 4th quarter.  Chaminade quarterback, Brad Kaaya, threw the ball down the middle to Elijah Dunston who took it down all the way for a touchdown, making it 28-30 with the extra point.

With just seconds left on the game clock, Chaminade went for the onside kick with sophomore kicker, Ben Kreitenberg.  It appeared as though Chaminade had recovered the ball after a 12-yard kick.  Although, the refs claimed that the ball was recovered after 9 yards, it was clear to the commentators on Fox Sports West Prime Ticket to call it a bad call, and that it should have been Chaminade ball.  To clarify, the rule is that on an onside kick, the kicking team must obtain the ball after 10 yards of where the ball is kicked.  This led to the refs calling it Serra ball, and after that, silence on the Chaminade side.   The crowd was shocked by the call, realizing that it just cost the CIF Championship.  Understanding that all the work the team has gone through to get here, gone because of one call a referee made. But having people like Fox Sports West and the Los Angeles Times the next day saying it was a bad call, it only makes the loss that much more difficult for the Chaminade family to face. Final score: 30-28, Serra wins.

Although Chaminade faced a disappointing loss in the CIF championship, the Eagles are still the Mission League champions and the first runner up for the CIF championship.  The Eagles will be graduating key players next year such as running back Terrell Newby, wide receiver Elijah Dunston, lineman Eli Sibrian, wide receiver Isiah Bernard, and many others that have made a huge impact on the Chaminade Eagles football team.

All the Eagles can say now is, next year.  To work, even harder than this season, and to win that CIF ring and put a banner up in the gym.

Arman Malhotra ‘15

Sports Editor

Chaminade College Preparatory High School