The Top Ten Trends of 2012

The Cat Eye: The Cat Eye or winged makeup effect is a trend that dates back to the style of the 1940s and 50s. Commonly seen in the classic pin-up girls and Rosie the Riveter and even further back to Cleopatra and the Egyptians, where instead of the eyeliner we have today, they used led. Now the past has met the future and women everywhere are using this eyeliner technique to widen and open the eyes. Luckily, anyone can pull this look off, it complements every eye shape.

Rainbow Tips: Girls all over Cali shed their natural hair color this summer to try something more vibrant, rainbow tips or ombre. These colorful ends can be seen on stars like Lauren Conrad, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and our very own, Laura Marano.

Twitter: ‘It’s like Facebook but without the annoying adds” says Danielle Deffebach, a Chaminade Senior. Twitter is the new addiction. Not only can one ‘follow’ friends and stars but also obtain updates about sports, TV shows, and politics.

Instagram: Instagram is like photo journalism for the average person, so popular that in three months it reached 1 million users.

Temple run: Once you start there is no way to stop. It grew in popularity at the beginning of the year and spread like wildfire through the nation and especially Chaminade. Eleanor Frost, a Chaminade sophomore says, “people go around comparing their scores to see what they need to beat”.

Nike elite socks: Boys, especially those involved in sports, have adopted the calf sock style. Where it used to be socks from vans, the new rage is Nike elite socks, characterized by a straight line running up the back of the calf.

Memes: A picture is worth a thousand words and memes have both pictures and words, allowing someone to express the inexpressible.

Call Me Maybe: This song has infected the entire nation. Starting with the Harvard College baseball team doing a jig in a car, which on YouTube has gotten 15 million hits and counting, to becoming a very popular saying. So popular that some boys have even begun to ask girls out using this phrase, “call me maybe”.

Neon : In the Olympics a common sight to see was neon clothing articles, from shoes to jackets. Now this 80s trend is coming back with a vengeance, neon fills stores like Sports Chalet to Forever 21.

Brandy Melville: With the addition of the new store in the Topanga Mall, Brandy Melville has become the teen hotspot for clothing and jobs.  It allows the slacker chic vintage style worn by stars to be worn by the average person but at a more affordable price.