2013 NBA Playoffs

So we’re finally here… The NBA playoffs have begun! Who would have thought at the beginning of the season that the Lakers just barely managed to clinch a playoff berth, the Warriors made it into the playoffs with ease, and the Nuggets are playing like contenders? Who could have foreseen all the injuries? Derrick Rose remains out with a torn ACL, Rajon Rondo tore his ACL 3 months ago and is out for the season, Kobe Bryant has been deemed out for the playoffs with a torn Achilles, and even Russell Westbrook (who hasn’t missed a game in his entire career), is out indefinitely from a torn meniscus that he suffered in Game 2 of his first round series against the Houston Rockets.

The season has offered many surprises but in the end it is commonly thought that it could be a rematch of last year’s NBA Finals with the Heat and Thunder each taking the number 1 seed in their respective conferences. Who knows though; the Westbrook injury (if it proves to keep him out for the entirety of the playoffs) could fuel the Spurs, Nuggets, or even a dark-horse contender to step up and take the Western Conference throne away from the formidable Oklahoma City ball-club.

These playoffs have been thoroughly entertaining with Chris Paul’s buzzer beater to beat the Grizzlies in Game 2, Andre Miller’s game winner in Game 1 against the Warriors, and even the Thunder securing a 2-0 series lead over Houston by closing them out in the final seconds despite a furious fourth quarter run by James Harden and company. We have also been privileged enough to witness Ray Allen shatter yet another 3-point shooting record as he now holds the record for most 3 point field goals made in a playoff career when he edged out Reggie Miller in Game 3 against the Milwaukee Bucks. Many NBA fans are also upset to see the faces of the NBA in the Lakers and Celtics struggle and fall behind 2-0 in both of their series’. It is clear that in their 4 road games, they have greatly missed the services of Kobe Bryant and Rajon Rondo respectively. It could be nice to see another team win a championship (the Lakers and Celtics hold 33 of the total 67 championships). However, at the same time, it’s a shame to see two franchises that have been normally successful look lackluster on the court without their superstars. We’ll just have to see who wants it more!

Conner Hoyt ’15

Contributing Writer